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Raw Pumpkin Pecan Cinnamon Cranberry Spelt Tea Cakes

Sounds tasty, and they look pretty in the photo.

From Gone Raw.

Pumpkin Pecan Cinnamon Cranberry Spelt Tea Cakes Pumpkin Pecan Cinnamon Cranberry Spelt Tea Cakes Servings:  About a Dozen Cakes~ 12 servings

Well it’s that time of year, frost is on the pumpkin and Thanksgiving is near… So I thought I would try my hand at using cranberries and pumpkins for a Holiday treat…Hope you enjoy as much as I did…


2 cup Spelt, soaked 2 days & sprouted 1 day
1/2 small pie pumpkin, seeded & chunked
1 tablespoon Cinnamon, ground
4 teaspoon Stevia
1 teaspoon Salt
6 Dates, pitted
1 cup Pecans
1 cup Cranberries


Reserve seeds from a small pie Pumpkin and process to a pulp 1/2 of the whole pumpkin add Cinnamon, Stevia, salt and Dates and fp till throughly blended.

Soak Spelt 2 days and sprout 1 day then in food processor use knife blade until it forms a dough, scraping often.

Combine both and taste for sweetness, add more Stevia until yummy.

Add nuts and Cranberries and pulse until nuts are corsely chopped… Form 1/2 inch thick 1X2 inch rectangles on “D” sheets and turn over as soon as dry enough and continue for another 8 hours or until dry… Also put the Pumpkin Seeds in to dry on another shelf.

Top with Cranberry Cream- 1 C soaked Cashews, 1TB Chia Seed, 1TB Coocnut Oil, 2 C Cranberries, 12 Dates, Stevia if needed and just enough of the soak water to make the blender go…

And notes from the comments:

  • I made these yesterday and they are great!
    I substituted the spelt with buckwheat and stevia with argave and they turned out brilliantly. I love cinnamon so sprinkled loads on top too before dehydrating.
    Will definitley be making these again.


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